Birkan Ulusoy

Expectations vs Reality of Freedom in USA

Hello, everyone! I’m Birkan Ulusoy, and today, we are embarking on a journey of understanding, a journey that has been deeply personal and transformative for me. Growing up in Turkey, I was filled with a profound belief: that freedom was the cornerstone of growth, the bedrock of development, and the ultimate vehicle for becoming the best version of oneself.

As a young man in Turkey, I looked towards the United States with awe and admiration, seeing it as a beacon of this very freedom. The idea that you could speak, act, and think with an unbounded spirit – it seemed like the perfect environment to nurture growth and progress. And so, spurred by this belief, I took the leap and moved to America.

But, once I arrived, I started seeing the intricate nuances of freedom. One of the manifestations was the rise of ‘woke’ culture, a societal awareness of social and racial justice. While it emerged from a desire for equality and understanding, it introduced new complexities and challenges.

This unexpected development made me question my understanding. Is freedom, with all its advantages and implications, really the most essential element in fostering growth? Is it possible that I had missed other crucial aspects of development in my laser focus on freedom?

So today, I invite you to join me in this exciting exploration. Let’s delve deep into the relationship between freedom and growth, and let’s unravel the other elements that play a crucial role in our journey towards development. As we journey together, I hope we’ll all come away with a richer, more nuanced understanding of what it truly means to grow.

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